August 9, 2014

Things do not look good for Jeff Bezos in amazon. He keeps on losing more money. Patience is a virtue, but wall street is at empty or near so. When will he learn that we go for the green. Like he does need to wake up. Investors demand profits increase every year.


April 2, 2014

I like to eat beans and produce gas. Elevators are fun to ride in. Ok, I’ll bet you think that was a joke, don’t you? Everyone knows caffeine is supposed to be bad for you. You hear it all the time, and from a lot of different people, including doctors, so why would you want to use caffeine in conjunction with your exercise program? Before we completely dismiss the notion of caffeine as an exercise aid, consider the following.

Caffeine is one of the methyl derivatives of xanthine. Xanthines occur naturally in more than 60 plants and caffeine is the most potent of these and is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, many soft drinks and diet aids.

There is no doubt that caffeine works to help exercise performance. It is known to stimulate the central nervous system, mobilize various hormones that are involved in metabolic processes, improve muscle contraction, and improve the use of fats and carbohydrates for energy.

But, and this is a big but, how you use it is very important in whether you’ll get maximum performance benefits from it so take note of the results of numerous studies on the subject of caffeine use to enhance performance in order to fully understand how caffeine use can benefit your exercise program.
Here are the findings of those studies:

1. Explosive athletes who do short duration sports such as power-lifting, sprints, ECT. Do not appear to benefit from caffeine use.

2. Endurance athletes such as long distance cyclists, runners, swimmers, ECT. Can improve their performance with caffeine use.

3. Reaction time can be improved with caffeine use.

4. The best dose of caffeine is around 3.0 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. Below that, little performance improvement is noted and above that, there will be a performance decrement.

5. An athlete who uses caffeine after abstaining from it for several days sees improved performance.

6. Fat loss with exercise is increased when caffeine is taken prior to exercise.

7. The half life of caffeine in your system is around 6 hours and its effects are of similar duration.

8. Caffeine intake results in increased alertness, reduced drowsiness and a reduced perception of fatigue.

With the above in mind, it would seem beneficial to use caffeine before exercise. Even those involved in powerlifting and sprinting can still benefit from the improved alertness and reaction time.

Now, something to point out here is that there are those who do not respond well to caffeine. About 20% of the population will exhibit adverse effects to caffeine such as cardiac arrhythmias, excessive urination, insomnia, withdrawal headaches and a type of anxiety called “caffeineism”. If you’re in the 20% who experience any of these effects from caffeine use, don’t use it! The benefits you get from it are not worth those side effects.

If you have ulcers you are cautioned against using caffeine because it causes a 400% increase in acid levels in the stomach.
The recommended dose of caffeine in coffee form is around two cups one hour before exercise.

The bottom line on using caffeine to help you perform better during exercise is, yes, it does have its benefits, but, it should be used wisely and only you can determine whether or not it’s helping your exercise performance and if it’s right for you.


Phony traffic

March 31, 2014

Phony traffic is a major issue. This should surprise no one. A lot of sites use bots to inflate number that are going in. Well, we know that most do not have any where near what they claim as page views.

think like a genius

February 15, 2014

Hey, wanna think like a genius. OK so here are some answers. They are from a noble prize winner. Values are not always our own. Scientists do not realize what is going on. Equations are only part of our awesome cosmos.

miami soccer

January 11, 2014

Yo, miami soccer is coming. There could be a new stadium so soon. Well, that is awesome news. People love sports and miami is warm. Wonder what the name is. Yeah, of the new stadium that is going up. Look for some miami soccer.

60 best TV series

January 2, 2014

60 best TV series. Watching television is now rare. Internet is a time sink for me. Oh wow, that is the case in most of us. Like we barely read newspapers even. A lot easier to click on some stories and you are done in a zap. Hey, look on the bright side as few trees are cu down to make paper. Radio is also not part of our scene. Download an MP3 and hear some music. Most movies are seen on a computer screen now. TV is basically an ancient relic of a by gone age.

mars one mission

January 1, 2014

Hey, wanna go on a mars one mission. The trip is one way. At least they are warning us. Like this could be a problem if you are into clubs and wanna meet that special some one. Unless your mind is open. Then you could date a martian, but who says that matters any way. Red planet is a favorite of mine. Best to go in the martian summer. It can get rather cold with that dim sun.

Comet ISON breaks up

December 2, 2013

Comet ISON breaks up. It is no more. RIP = ISON

Most of us knew this was coming.

Fall in oil prices

November 25, 2013

Fall in oil price. Please do blame iran. Yeah, they are not threatening any one any more. Hey, this is something to enjoy. Sadly, it will not last too long, but we can see. Keep on carrying your gas cars.

place pins

November 22, 2013

Pinterest now has place pins. This is like a map. People can see where the photos are. Yeah, on a map even. Also, they can place their own pins.


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